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Any organisation worth its salt has challenges it faces on a daily basis. Both its internal workings and the ecosystem in which it operates are in constant flux. Exploring architectures and solutions to address these issues of modern day organisations is what this site is dedicated to.

The architect doesn’t guide action, he guides thought. Normally, thought precedes action, but this is by no means an absolute truth. Additionally, the role of the architect is to suggest action, as well as oversee that action to ensure that it achieves its goal (quality assurance). So the architectural process serves to support a reasoning process (guiding thought). The architect walks through the reasoning process, either for his own decisions or for the decisions he requires from others.


Solution Architecture

The rules, the concepts, and the findings. Neatly packaged in an insightful way to help you achieve the set goals.

Process Management

"Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident."- A.P. J. Abdul Kalam


Knowing that there is a lot of knowledge out there I do not possess, a documentation of my efforts to keep up.


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